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Carole Brown is a Brit in America who loves to drive her VW bus and write about issues that are important to her. MG is one of those. Her mother, Gladys, fought MG for over 50 years from the age of 20, when she was first diagnosed at a major London hospital in 1944 towards the end of WWII, at a time when MG was a much worse disease than it is today. “But was it really?” asks Carole, who on discovering that it is still taking many patients years to get diagnosed, that not one drug has yet been developed specifically for the disease and that autoimmune diseases are on the rise and affect more patients than cancer, decided she had to do something. Using her attention-getting classic vehicle, a 1971 VW bus, Carole is driving thousands of miles across America in November and December 2011 to raise awareness for MG. She is pictured here with her VW in her home town ofProvincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where she campaigned during the summer of 2011 talking to residents and tourists about the disease, explaining the beginning symptoms by which they could help friends or family obtain help more quickly.


Click on the photo above right, to see another important member of the YesWeCan Team,MG hippo, who talks to children about his droopy eyelids being a tell-tale sign of MG.

The YesWeCan CamperVan is an 1971 Volkswagen Westfalia, who believes anything is possible ….


From here onwards ……. we’ll be posting photos of people that Carole and The YesWeCan CamperVan meet on the road as part of the MG Awareness drive ……


 Bob in Grafton, Massachusetts

Bob, who had MG at 13, had a full remission after removal of his thymus gland and commented on this site at

Bob’s daughter

We met by chance at St Andrews Church in Grafton, MA, on 23 Oct 2011; the matching teal ribbon was a complete coincidence!


Jack in Durham, North Carolina at MGFA meeting on 12 November 2011

Jack meeting my VW at MGFA Carolinas Annual Meeting 12 Nov 2011. At five years of age, he was recently diagnosed with MG after two years of visits to different physicians. Jack is super cool, as you can see; he’s also an amazing talking scientific encyclopedia


Ronnie Pugh, Bug Haus, Richmond, VA

Ronnie Pugh, owner of the Bug Haus checking the oil leak and clutch couplings.


Full Moon Bus Club, Coastal South Carolina Chapter

Full Moon Bus Club guys replacing the clutch – a tough job which took hours and hours of their time when they should have been relaxing at their Thanksgiving campout 18-20 Nov 2011 in SC

Lauri Perry’s YesWeCan CamperVans

Carole Brown’s Tea Mug 

‘Putting MG on the Map’ is the mission for driving across America

The YesWeCan CamperVan at radio station WXJC, AL

local MG patient, Staci Machado took Carole Brown and the YesWeCan CamperVan to independent radio station WXJC for an interview


Carol and Bill come to the rescue in Alabaster, Alabama on 3 December 2011

Bill and Carol who have owned many vintage VWs, drove one hour to mend a broken accelerator cable AND then offered Carole a place to stay while she found a local VW mechanic to check the motor

Jimmy Pierce at Pierce Automotive

Jimmy at his shop in Montgomery, AL, where he did quite a few fixes and checked the compression to see if we could make it as far as the west coast

Snoopy is in The YesWeCan Team

Carole found Snoopy and his bike on her first trip with The YesWeCan CamperVan and he’s now a permanent member of the team with his inspiring stories and biker experiences!

MG Hippo is in The YesWeCan Team

Our hippo is our MG mascot, with his droopy eyelids, a tell tale sign of this neuromuscular disease


Getting support in Tucson, Arizona, from the local VW club, German Metal, at a special event at Chirco on 31st December 2011. Just look at that December weather!!!!


Our time in Phoenix was very significant and important to us. Our friend and fellow VW enthusiast, Leslie Jones, helped us so much with our cause. Leslie introduced us to SanTan VW who partnered with us on this trip.

Carole Brown with Jennifer Hines at SANTAN VW outside of Phoenix at their impressive VW facility

SanTan VW’s PR lady, pictured above, helped with media contacts in the area, which resulted in a segment on the 5 o’clock news program NEWS 5 about why we were driving for MG Awareness.

SanTan VW also helped us early on in the trip by pledging their help if we made it the 3000 plus miles to their location. They gave us a check when we arrived to sponsor some fuel costs and also gave us a space next to their stand at a huge Classic Car show in Phoenix that weekend …

[ …. MORE photos of that PHOENIX event will follow here later]


MORE photographs to be inserted here …..



San Jose

Julia and Carole with their 1971 VW Buses

Julia Weber and Carole Brown met to talk about how they use their VW buses for story telling to the public

Julia Weber and Carole Brown introduce their 1971 VW Westfalias to each other

Julia Weber’s “Mr Orange der Story-Bus” and Carole Brown’s “The YesWeCan CamperVan” met at San Jose State University on 23 April 2012 during Julia Weber’s exhibition for her MFA dissertation



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    • Aqilah says:

      Way to go Carole! This is a great cause. As I mentioned the last time we met and earlier today, I was diagnosed with MG at age 13 about 30 years ago. I consider myself very lucky to have been diagnosed so young. If more were diagnosed as young, I believe more would experience a full remission as I have. Spread the word and hopefully making more people aware will help some get the help needed to go into remission. I hope you find lots of sponsors that will allow you to travel many more miles spreading awareness.

  1. olga vitello says:

    Carole nice to see your picture on the screen. Good luck on your next stop in Mobile, Ala. Then onto New Orleans…