Thanks to these fine people

The list of names shown below grows every day as we hear about more and more kind people, so check back often  – it’s inspiring that there are so many good people in this world.

on our 2011/2012 cross USA Drive for helping Carole Brown and her VW bus travel across the USA for their cause “MG Awareness”… OUR THANKS and APPRECIATIONS to:

  • John Choly for his gift of the “Love Hearts” on the VW bus, Lenny at the Graphic Jam for a huge discount on the MG Awareness signage, and Engines by Benz for a service and tune up of the VW’s engine before the trip started – all mentioned on the Sponsors page
  • The VW mechanics and vintage VW car clubs that have helped keep the VW bus on the road, such as Ronnie Pugh of Bug Haus in Richmond, Virginia who checked the clutch on 11 November and replaced the gear shift coupler at no charge; the Full Moon Bus Club’s South Carolina Coastal chapter, namely Snoopy and friends, who worked for hours and hours during their Thanksgiving campout, 18-20 November 2011, removed the engine and replaced the clutch plate; Bill, a member of an Alabama VW club, who answered an alert on Facebook on Saturday 2nd Dec when, on the way to a parade, the accelerator pedal fell to the floor and the VW stopped in the middle of a large traffic intersection. Bill drove an hour to reach Carole and her VW in Alabaster, AL, then replaced the spring from the accelerator cable to the carburetor, and checked/adjusted the valves after noticing those to number 3 were closed down; Jimmy Pierce of Pierce Automotive in Montgomery, Alabama, who checked if number 3 cylinder was OK enough to carry on, adjusted valves, timing, brakes, replaced oil sending unit and fixed as many oil leaks as possible on Wednesday 7th December!  On 20th December, the VW blew its fan belt on Interstate 10 in a remote part of Texas. Luckily the nearest town was only 15 miles away and large enough to have a few different mechanics. John Lammon in Fort Stockton, Texas, adjusted the new fan belt to the correct tension after it was fitted by Fernandez Tire.  John has worked on VW beetles for all his life and builds dune buggies!
    Jim and Doug in Monterey Park, S. California (Los Angeles area) for rebuilding the engine – can do many more miles now!!!!
    Robert Skinner at Skinner Classics – VW Restorations in Vacaville, N. California (between SF and Sacramento) for his gift – repair and repainting the rear corners of The YesWeCan CamperVan. But he did far more than that! He sent us a message on facebook soon after we set out, saying that if we made it as far as Cali he would treat Dexter to a repair or two. That encouragement kept us going over the months on the road. It wasn’t the reward in store, it was the gesture that made all the difference :)

    See photos of many of these guys on the Donate page.
  • Wolfsburg West for providing essential high quality VW clutch parts and window seals totally free of charge to keep the VW bus on the road – see their mention in Sponsors section
  • The individuals who are underwriting some of the fuel costs to enable The YesWeCan CamperVan to clock up as many miles as possible
  • The organisations that contributed to some of the fuel expenses
  • Those of you who are commenting on these pages and/or sharing links to this website and to the Facebook and Twitter accounts at the bottom of this page with your family and friends
  • Lauri (a VW friend) who sent in craft items to give to patients. Aren’t these handwoven little buses, an exact copy of The YesWeCan CamperVan, special!!!  I kept one to hang inside my front windshield to remind me of her kindness and all the MG patients out there. 🙂


  • Staci and friends, from the MG patient support group that Staci runs in Alabama, who made MG ribbons for Carole to hand out
  • Greg Davis, radio host of “priority talk” at WXJC, Birmingham (Alabama’s) daily Christian radio talk show, for his warmth, humor and genuine interest in MG, for interviewing Carole about her drive across country and Staci about her local MG support group (show recording coming soon!)
  • Ken for his designs for bumper stickers for MG Awareness

Thanks also to the growing list of generous hosts who provided places to sleep, shower or eat, as Carole traveled across country. In the list of names below, MG refers to new friends who have MG and VW refers to new friends met through VW clubs and VW networks, and some are just old old friends, including:

  • Susan and Ed in Metuchen, New Jersey (friends) for a shower and nap on the first night of the roadtrip
  • Rachel (MG) in Milltown, New Jersey for homemade cake and coffee
  • Tom and Cammie outside of DC (VW) for a lovely guest room and meals
  • Lila (MG) and Richard near Raleigh, North Carolina for an extended stay, lovely room and hospitality while the VW’s clutch was inspected
  • Cindy (MG) at an MDA-sponsored MG support group meeting in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for dinner, gas money and her rain coat which is still keeping Carole protected
  • The Full Moon VW Bus Club’s South Carolina Coastal group for the delicious smoked turkey dinner at the weekend VW campout at Awendaw Green, SC (and the engine removal/installation of a new clutch as mentioned elsewhere)
  • David J (VW) in Charleston, South Carolina for his parking space for Carole’s VW and his family’s invitation to Thanksgiving dinner #1
  • Andy (VW) and Ashley in West Ashley, South Carolina for a lovely guest room and Thanksgiving dinner #2
  • Laura Anne (VW) in Aiken, South Carolina for a nice visit and the British shop
  • Debbie (MG) and Jimmy in Peachtree City, Georgia for a lovely guest room, meals and wonderful family pets (Carole now knows that guinea pigs make little piggy sounds!)
  • Christi (MG) and Jennifer (MG) of the Alabama Chapter of the MGFA for the motel stay in Homewood, near Birmingham, AL
  • Staci, MG support group leader, in Alabaster, Alabama for a warm home and so much help in arranging important events during the Birmingham visit
  • Doug of Axelacare (IVIG business) for a great discussion over lunch in Birmingham
  • Bill and Carol (VW) in Sylacauga, Alabama for the lovely guest room and meals and for rescuing Carole on the road when The YesWeCan CamperVan broke down in Alabaster
  • Country Inns & Suites for the special room rate at their Chantilly Parkway location in Alabama’s state capital of Montgomery, while Carole waited for VW repair
  • Jimmy (VW) at Montgomery South RV Park for an inside place for Carole to sleep on a very cold night in Alabama
  • Steven (MG) and his family in Branch, Louisiana for lunch and a nice visit
  • Friends Willie and Bettye in Friendswood, near Houston, Texas for a lovely guest room and fine cooking
  • Liz  from Holland, Europe (VW) who arranged for Carole to camp and have dinner on her at a friend’s Texas Roadhouse restaurant called Angel’s in Spicewood, Texas
  • Bob (MG) who booked a night at a motel in Fort Stockton, Texas, for Carole after VW broke down and her chest cold worsened while she waited for a tow truck in freezing conditions
  • Liza (MG friend) who booked a second night so Carole could rest more before getting back on the road to El Paso, Texas
  • Roger (RFTW) and Karen in El Paso, Texas, for hosting Carole at Christmas time for a prolonged period to rest up and for the company of their dogs, cats and horses. It was a wonderfully healing time for Carole
  • Essie (VW) and Carol (VW) in Tucson, Arizona, who gave Carole a place to sleep and wonderful conversations to keep her going on this quest
  • Leslie (VW) in Phoenix, Arizona, for a place to park, shower and eat .. and for taking Carole for a ride in her VW bus. She also took care of Carole when she hurt her back and could not carry anything or walk far, moving things back and forth from her VW. Leslie also made contact with local VW dealership, SanTan VW (Gilbert, AZ), who gave support for the trip and sponsored a table For MG Awareness at a weekend fair in Phoenix. Their support led to coverage of our MG roadtrip on the nightly News by Phoenix Channel 5 TV.
  • Judy (RFTW) in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, who… for the second year was a wonderful host during ‘Buses by the Bridge’ VW event, tolerated Carole’s opposite political views and still introduced her to her media contacts for the radio interview with Roger Galloway
  • Amanda (VW) in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, who entertained Carole with her Hula Hoops at BBB and was her adjacent bus buddy in the park … plus ‘Bear‘ and the rest of the family who provided Carole with a warm bed one very cold night
  • all the visitors to The YesWeCan CamperVan’s MG information table at the VW events in Arizona:
  • The VTO Club (VW) who had Carole and The YesWeCan CamperVan caravan with them after BBB and Johnny and Kristine who provided shelter during the cold week that ensued in Mentone Beach, California
  • Henry (VW) in the L.A. area, who took Carole to his church in Burbank and then graciously hosted her while she tried to find a new engine and VW mechanic to replace Dexter’s failing 1971 engine
  • Jim and Doug (VW) in Monterey Park, CA, who did such a fantastic job on rebuilding Dexter’s engine
  • Adrienne (VW) for her help on two important occasions: helping on the MG information table at Buses by the Bridge (Lake Havasu, AZ);  offering her family’s hospitality in Las Vegas when Carole stayed while she was ‘homeless and without The YesWeCan CamperVan’ while her VW was with Jim and Doug in L.A. having an engine rebuild
  • Sierra and Steve (VW) in Costa Mesa, proud owners of another bay window bus, The Bustache, for hosting Carole, entrusting her with their lovely home and introducing her to their local 100 year old Church, the First Methodist. A special mention goes to their darling dog, Westi x
  • Karen in San Marcos, S. California, for accepting Carole’s visit even though she was very sick with MG and a raging infection. Karen is such an emotional support to the MG community and was instrumental in putting the Myasthenia Flakes logo and the tribute to Joe on The YesWeCan CamperVan. She does so much for others with MG. One brave big hearted lady who’s an inspiration to others !!!
  • Dan in San Diego, S. California, whom Carole met last year on couch surfing, when planning this big drive. He’s a wonderful host and very clever guy
  • Dyan (MG) and her parents in Azusa, S. California, for welcoming Carole to tea so warmly and then, when she suddenly came down with yet another chest infection, caring for her for a whole week while she recovered
  • Joe, Dyan’s father, for his kindness in collecting a 1971 Tin Top VW bus from Beaumont, CA, and storing it for the summer until Carole’s return when we hope it can be restored for patients like Dyan and used for day trips
  • The guys at the VW “Meeting in the Middle’ event at Nojoqui Falls, central California for their mention of vw4causes and contribution to our expenses
  • Todd (VW) and his wife for hospitality at their home in Arroyo Grande, CA, Todd’s repairs on The YesWeCan CamperVan and his tips and lessons on 1971 VW buses
  • Lori (RA) and Jeff at Crystal Bay Farm, Watsonville, California, for their wonderful trailer to stay in (trailer (American) = caravan in English), delicious organic strawberries at their farm and Easter family dinner
  • Lori and Kim for help with repairing Dexter’s pop top canvas and another thank you to Lori for hosting lunch and a visit by Antoinette (MG)
  • friends Gill and Darron, in Moraga, east of Oakland, N. California, for their generous hospitality and care, and for Gill’s introduction to educational workshops for non-profits
  • Seri, friend in Lafayette, N.California, for reminding Carole how beautiful a city San Francisco can be
  • Julia (VW) for her exciting MFA exhibition at the University in San Jose, where her own 1971 VW Bus, Mr.Orange displayed the stories she has collected from owners about their beloved VWs (including Carole’s story of Dexter); also lots of new ideas for using The YesWeCan CamperVan for campaigning for MG
  • Niello VW’s Ranch Run to the ‘Ride to Walk’ non profit, near Sacramento, CA, for inspiring vw4causes with examples of success in fundraising and gaining involvement from the VW community for such a good cause
  • all the visitors to The YesWeCan CamperVan’s MG information table at these VW shows in California: Vintage VW Club of California show at Kelley Park, San Jose; OEBC Spring Picnic at Canyon RV Park, Anaheim; Inland Valley VW Club’s show at Wolfsburg West, Corona
  • Judith in Santa Barbara, S. California, for hosting Carole on her way between Moraga and Anaheim and for the wonderful re-energizing breakfast
  • in Carpinteria, S. California, for the inspiring photography workshop sponsored by Adobe, the lucky raffle ticket and new photo editing software
  • Joanne in West Covina, CA, for welcoming Carole warmly to her home even though she did not know she was coming to visit,  and for supper and a wonderful shower after three days of camping in the VW bus
  • John (VW) in Venice Beach, CA, for hosting Carole the night before she flew out of LAX for London, UK
  • Carla and Tony (VW) of Wolfsburg West in Corona, S. California, for their kindness in storing The YesWeCan CamperVan until Carole’s return from the UK
  • Katherine (MG) and her father for collecting Carole at Dallas airport and taking her to lunch at a real Texan restaurant and spending so much time swapping ideas about MG education, during Carole’s layover on her flight from LAX to Boston (to UK).

It’s only through your support, that the MG Awareness Drive is happening in the best possible way. THANK YOU for your generosity and kindness from Vehicles Working for Causes and from the MG community.

on our London 2012 summer visit … OUR THANKS and APPRECIATIONS to:

  • Anton and the Paintscrapers VW Club for coming over to the Isle of Dogs for our vintage VW photo shoot and publicity day
  • my local Isle of Dog’s Asda store’s Charity representative, Mary, who has encouraged me to tell others about MG and why I use my vintage Volkswagen van for this cause
  • my late grandparents, Nellie and George Brown, who first rented the docker’s cottage in which I now live, from the borough of Tower Hamlets in 1932
  • my late mother, Gladys, who was diagnosed with MG towards the end of WWII in 1944, and my late father, Frederick, who married Mum when he came home in 1946 from serving in the Royal Navy, even though she was so ill they had to wait almost ten years to marry
  • the 2012 Paralympic participants who showed us that living with a disability can be amazing and worn with utmost pride!

Last yet FAR FROM LEAST are our SINCERE APPRECIATIONS for WordPress for this lovely blogging platform. Without this we would not be able to share these stories or say thank you in this very special way!


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