Ways to Volunteer

If you are a person with MG, their family member or friend

  • organize a place for Carole to talk to a group (church, women’s groups, VW clubs, etc) or a place to put up an MG information table in a public place (for example at a store) and find a couple of volunteers to man the table
  • add comments at the bottom of any of the pages here, especially the Living with MG page under the MG Awareness menu tab, about what it’s like to have MG and why you’d like others to support to this cause

If you are a person with a classic vehicle

  • meet Carole and ’The YesWeCan CamperVan’ on their route and drive your classic vehicle in a caravan for one mile, tens of miles or hundreds with them
  • tell your VW pals and local VW club about their drive across country and ask them to ‘like’ the The YesWeCan CamperVan’s facebook page and to follow theYesWeCanJourney blog 
  • ask your local VW club to sponsor an event or contribute to the gas fund so Carole can drive more miles for causes like MG Awareness in her VW bus The YesWeCan CamperVan

If you are a person who likes getting support for good causes

  • find and talk to potential sponsors like these about ways they can help cover some trip expenses
  • contact local media (press and radio) to cover this campaign when  ’The YesWeCan CamperVan’ comes through your town (click here for a Press Release)

If you are a person who likes communications and social media

  • post messages from here on your Facebook and Twitter accounts to spread Carole’s messages about what MG is, what it’s like living with MG, and her drive across country to raise awareness about MG
  • follow The YesWeCan Campervan and vw4causes on the Facebook and Twitter links shown on the very bottom of each page of this website


5 Responses to Volunteer

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  2. brandon k reeve says:

    Hello my name is brandon i am a 29 year old man who would love to help out for the cause i watch the video and now it has caught my attention. I am willing to drive around the country as many times as posible, i am currently unemployed so i really wanna do this. I wanna do something possitive with my life and giving back is what id really love to do so if there is a spot for me on the crew or if i can start my own please let me kno today is saturday march 10th i am avaiable to leave today. You only live once and life is precious i want to drive for the cause i really do.
    My phone number is 757-289-6802 and i am located in northern NJ please if i can help get on the road i am very ready to goooooooo. Thank you and god bless

    • Carole Brown says:

      Hi Brandon, I just saw your message and I am really pleased you’d like to help. I am due to have a meeting with our lawyer this week to finalize the paperwork for the non-profit status and also to confirm the board members. In a non-profit, I am not able to take decisions by myself without agreement from the Board, so it takes a bit longer to make decisions. Also I’m on my way to see a very sick patient in hospital so am driving a lot the next few days. Meanwhile how about you email your resume to admin@vw4causes.org and a letter of what you like most about the idea of driving for vw4causes. THANKS VERY MUCH :) WIll call you as soon as I can to talk.

  3. pamela arrington says:

    Just want to say how much I appreciate this. I lost my husband to MG complications from the flu 10/31/09 i am in school and every class i take i try to add MG in the class somehow.

    • Carole Brown says:

      Dear Pamela, I am so very sorry for your loss. Thank you for writing to show us that yu have seen this. Every little piece of feedback helps us to know if our messages are getting out there. With so much to do …. from raising awareness, educating people about symptoms to look out for, and working to get diagnosis more quickly than the current average of several years … and so little money and lack of resources, every comment helps us to keep going.
      Together we will make a difference :)