Sponsors & Supporters

THANK YOU to our sponsors

  • the following who have given products, services, skills and talent to support our cause:

Engines by Benz in East Providence, Rhode Island – for sponsoring a service and tune up of The YesWeCan CamperVan ’s engine before the trip started


Provincetown artist, John Choly for his gift of
“Love Hearts” on The YesWeCan CamperVan


Graphic Jam in Wellfleet for huge discount on the signs on The YesWeCan CamperVan


WolfsburgWest provided essential high quality VW parts totally free of charge to keep us on the road: a clutch plate sent by overnight Fedex from California to South Carolina when the clutch was failing fast, and a new rubber seal for the rear door to stop the rain coming in while Carole is sleeping. You can find them and their parts catalogue at http://wolfsburgwest.com  


When Pierson Productions found out about our cause and read some of the MG patient’s stories, they decided to help us by designing and printing some T shirts that we can now sell to raise gas money to drive even more miles to put MG on the map. To order a T shirt and support our cause, go here.


Be part of vw4causes – together we can put the heart back into community

We would love to show more business sponsor logos here. We’ve written to a number of businesses that we admire for the way they conduct themselves in their communities, including a classic car insurance company, a cheese maker that uses little VW buses in its advertising, a number of VW dealerships and a health care company. All year I’ve been talking to companies and some have said yes, but promises have faded away; it’s a tough economy, as we know. It’s even tougher to be sick, though, and with a disease that is almost invisible, it is even more of a challenge. If you can help us raise the visibility and get attention for people with MG, please consider helping in whatever way you can. Thank you.




One Response to Sponsors & Supporters

  1. Bob says:

    Way to go Carole! This is a great cause. As I mentioned the last time we met and earlier today, I was diagnosed with MG at age 13 about 30 years ago. I consider myself very lucky to have been diagnosed so young. If more were diagnosed as young, I believe more would experience a full remission as I have. Spread the word and hopefully making more people aware will help some get the help needed to go into remission. I hope you find lots of sponsors that will allow you to travel many more miles spreading awareness.