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Info session Methodist Church, Provincetown, Cape Cod, October 2011

MG Info’ table at Stop & Shop, Provincetown, MA October 2011

My Faith sign has been with me all across America twice now

In Wellfleet, Cape Cod, MA, Graphic Jam gave us our start by providing signs at a fraction of the cost

Bob shown right had MG when a teen. Removal of his thymus put him into remission! At Church in Grafton, MA, his daughter is wearing a teal blue ribbon matching the one of our VW bus!

Bob seen with his daughter and friends after we had met and talked about MG during coffee hour after church

Jack met us at the MGFA meeting in Durham, North Carolina in November 2011 to hear more about MG. Here he was five and had had MG for 2.5 years

Ronnie Pugh, owner of the Bug Haus, Richmond, VA, checking the oil leak and clutch couplings. He also replaced the gear shift rod coupling.

MG hippo with the droopy eyelids talks to children about MG and is an important member of the YesWeCan Team

Full Moon Bus Club replacing the clutch, a tough job which took hours & hours of their time when they could have been relaxing at their S.Carolina Coastal Thankgiving weekend in Nov 2011

Lauri Perry’s hand woven YesWeCan CamperVans show MG on one side and AI (for AutoImmune) on the other. Dexter has one hanging from his rear view mirror to help us remember all those with MG and AI diseases everywhere, everyday. God bless them and Lauri, too

John Choly’s love hearts withstood 7,853 miles and kept me going when I felt weak and alone

New Year’s Eve 2011: German Metal VW Club in Tucson showing their support for vw4causes and The YesWeCan CamperVan


The YesWeCan CamperVan in Carpinteria, California, towards the end of phase 2 of the MG Awareness drive; start date 20 October 2011 from Provincetown, MA, end date 15 May 2012 in Corona, CA, total distance 7853 miles



12-15 January, 2012: Our MG Awareness campaign at Buses by the Bridge XVI, Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA.

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