MGA Route

MG Awareness Roadtrip  – USA from east to west

This page contains:

  1. (a) Planned route – PHASE 1: coast to coast from MA to CA,
    November 2011 to January 2012
    (b) Spontaneous short trips – PHASE 2: west coast Jan-March 2012 (it actually became Jan-May 2012)

  2. Itinerary – dates, places and mileage

  3. Updated maps from the road


1. Planned route – first leg from MA to CA  Here’s the planned route, as far as eastern California, that is. However be aware that when driving a ’71 VW bus anything can happen! Also, some of you have asked for an itinerary. Once the trip starts, dates will be added in the itinerary section below as far in advance as possible, but because invitations to events pop up last minute, please keep checking back here for updates. You can also join The YesWeCan CamperVan on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with the latest news.Original routeCarole Brown is driving her VW Bus, The YesWeCan CamperVan, from Massachusetts to California (and beyond) for a good cause. She invites you to support the campaign for “MG Awareness” along the route by coming out to meet her. You might be able to help her arrange an event, or if you have a Classic VW you could drive a few miles in your vehicle alongside her to draw more attention to the cause. Also please comment below about MG events and support group meetings or VW club meetups and campouts …. or maybe you can offer a place to park overnight, a shower or a beverage? Carole says most of all she’ll appreciate your comments here and your fine company if do get get to meet!

2. Itinerary for MG Awareness Drive

1. MA = Massachussetts
Provincetown START(only 750 miles since arrived from California July 5th 2010) 20 Oct 2011 Start of cross country trip


2. RI = Rhode Island 20 Oct 171,800
Amy in Millbury, MA 20 Oct 171,841 9 Nov 171,842
3. CT = Connecticut 9 Nov 2011 pass through
4. NY = New York from Bronx onto George Washington Bridge and NJ 9 Nov 2011 pass through
5. NJ = New Jersey
Susan and Ed, Metuchen, NJ overnight hosts 9 Nov 172,049 10 Nov 172,049
Meet RACHEL inMilltown re her MG story 10 Nov 172,088 10 Nov 172,088
6. PA = Pennsylvania 10 Nov pass through
7. DE = Delaware 10 Nov pass through
8. MD = Maryland 10 Nov pass through
9. VA = Virginia
Tom & Cammie, Falls Church, VA (near DC) my hosts from VW club Arrive 10 Nov 172,304 Leave 11 Nov 172,304
Ronnie Pugh’s VW repair shop Bug Haus, 10 Westover Hills Blvd, in Richmond, VA (804-232-8989) 11/11/11 Veterans day 172,416 11/11/11 Friday 172,418
10. NC = North Carolina
NC Welcome Center on I-95Overnight 11 Nov 11  172,504 12 Nov 11  172,504
MGFA Carolinas Annual Meeting East Regional Library, 211 Lick Creek Lane, Durham, NC
George Naderman, Chair NC Chapter (877) 643-2221 
12 Nov 2011 172,620 12 Nov 2011 172,620
Richard and Lila,
Fuquay Varina,
near Raleigh
12 Nov 2011 172,656 16 Nov 2011 172,656
11. SC = South Carolina
MDA 1st meeting of new support group for MG patients, Myrtle Beach, SC. Meet Cindy to talk about her MG. 16 Nov 2011 172,837 16 Nov 2011 172,845
Myrtle Beach: visit TV News station; meet Nicola–her MG story. Meet Coffeebus (Full Moon Bus Club) and camp the night in M’ Beach. 17 Nov 2011 172,845 18 Nov 2011 172,868
VW Campout weekend: Full Moon Bus Club SC group “Thanksgivin’ Misgivins” at Awendaw Green, SC
(Snoopy et al – clutch repair)
18 Nov 2011 172,868 20 Nov 2011 172,948
Leave campout and head to Charleston, SC for overnight stay with club member 20 Nov 2011 172,948 23 Nov 2011 172,969
Stay with other FMBC members for Thanksgiving from start 1303 miles 24 Nov 2011 27 Nov 2011
Meet Laura Ann in Aiken, SC 27 Nov 2011 28 Nov 2011
12. GA = Georgia
Peachtree City, near Atlanta, stayed with MG patient Debbie  28 Nov 2011  30 Nov 2011
13. AL = Alabama
Birmingham MGFA Chapter –
met Christi Bova and her team
30 Nov 2011 2 Dec 2011
Met Staci, MG patient, Alabaster 2 Dec 2011 4 Dec 2011
Breakdown and tow in Alabasterand Bill comes out to do repair
Stay with Bill and Carol (VW)Sylacauga 4 Dec 2011 7 Dec 2011
Engine repairs in Montgomery 7 Dec 2011 10 Dec 2011
Montgomery South RV Park 10 Dec 2011 11 Dec 2011
overnight stop at Windcreek Casino,Atmore 11 Dec 2011 12 Dec 2011
quick stop and tour at Mobile 12 Dec 2011 12 Dec 2011

14. LA = Louisiana

New Orleans one day visit  – 12 and 13 December

Steven Taylor MG patient, Branch, LA – 14 December

15. Mississipi – drove through

16. Texas 

Houston – 15 and 16 December

Austin and Spicewood – 17 and 18 December

Fort Stockton – VW breakdown! – 20-22 December

El Paso – stop with friends for Christmas – 23-27 December 2011

17. New Mexico

Quick stop for tea at McDonalds in Las Cruces – 27 December 2011

18. Arizona

Tucson 27 December 2011 – 3rd January 2012: more engine checks and time to enjoy New Years, visit Anglican Church in Tucson and talk about MG.

Phoenix – 2nd to 8th January:  BUSY TIME for MG Awareness … SanTan VW dealership for meeting, Phoenix Channel 3 TV News interview and weekend information booth at Phoenix Swapmeet

Lake Havasu City arrived on Monday 9 January for Buses by the Bridge XVI 12-15 January, 2012 – MG information table for 3 days.

19. California

Arrived Mentone, south eastern California, Sunday 15 Jan 2012,
arrival odometer 176,776 !!!!!
(shown in photo to left)


Start odometer reading was 171,667, which means ACTUAL TOTAL MILES driven to Mentone, California from Cape Cod, Massachusetts = 5,109 


MGA Route plan modified 22 Nov 2011 at 12.40 EST

Will now be reviewing the drive so far, success of MG awareness campaign, and plan the next legs of the road trip, phases 2 and 3 (see below).

3. UPDATED MAPS from the road
10th December 2011: at last a map showing the route completed so far by the red line.

10 December 2011 – At last I stuck a map in the back window and marked the route driven to date !

UPDATE Sunday 18 December 2011: from TEXAS

Arrived in Austin, Texas, this weekend and updated our window route map

Over 3,000 miles completed, as shown by the red line – about another 1,200 to gobefore we reach Mentone, California. Thought we’d be there by now, so not sure where we’ll be spending Christmas day yet! UPDATE Thursday 22 December 2011: remaining route for phase 1 of drive for MG Awareness

Another 1200 miles to go as this route plan on google maps shows

As you can see, from the map above (click on it to enlarge), there’s another 1200 miles to go and hopefully we’ll make this with no further delays, except for those of a good kind!

UPDATE Sunday 1st January 2012: from Tucson, Arizona

[ not to editor – NEED A NEW MAP HERE!!!]

PHASE 2: Jan-March 2012/

will include shorter tours for MG awareness in California, Arizona and Oregon.

January 2012
Tucson, Phoenix and Lake Havasu, Arizona.
15 January drive from Lake Havasu to Mentone, California.
mid-end January Burbank, South Gate, Long Beach, Newport Beach and Huntingdon Beach, California.

February 2012
The YesWeCan CamperVan goes into Jim’s VW in Monterey Park for new engine and repairs.

Go on bus to Las Vegas, Nevada.
Hire car to test drive section of Route 66 from Kingman to Seligman, Arizona to see if would be good for MG Awareness drive with a caravan of classic cars.

Return of my beloved VW bus with NEW engine!
MG Awareness Campaign continues around areas of South Gate and Monterey Park (Los Angeles environs) and Costa Mesa, Southern California.

March 2012
Southern California: including Corona, San Bernadino, Redlands, Mentone, Yucaipa, Beaumont, San Marcos, San Diego.
20 March 2012San Diego – odometer reading is 177, 589
This may be the most southern and eastern part of our drive, hence taking the odometer reading.

Now what was that mileage when we left Massachusetts last October? From the start of our drive for MG Awareness on 20 Oct 2011, to here in San Diego 20 March 2012 is …………….. miles? Answer is 5,922 miles.

PHASE 2 is continuing/PHASE 3 on hold, due to insufficient funds or sponsorship for Route 66 drive

April-May 2012
more spontaneous trips to see MG patients and talk about MG, as follows:

1st April: Nojoqui Falls near Solvang, central CA, for Vintage VW Club meeting
2-4 April: Arroyo Grande
5 April: Avila Beach, San Luis Obispo
6 April: San Luis Obispo, Cal Poly Newspaper and radio station ; Morro Bay; Watsonville
6-10 April: Crystal Bay Farm, Monterey Bay, for Easter
11 April: Met MG patient at Crystal Bay farm
11 April: Go north to Moraga, east of Oakland. Moraga will be my base for next couple of weeks to visit Lafayette, Oakland, SF, Sacramento, etc.
15 April: VW Niello Ranch Run, Sacramento |
22 April: Kelley Park VW show, San Jose
23 April: Fellow VW Woman, Julia Weber has her exhibit for her MFA dissertation at San Jose University and I introduce my 1971 VW bus to her 1971 VW bus for some photo opps and publicity shots. She records my VW story for her dissertation and I talk to students about MG.

4 May Leave my friends in Moraga
4-5 May Drive from SF Bay area to Los Angeles
5 May: Adobe Photoshop workshop at in Carpinteria; talk to other participants about MG and hand out vw4causes stickers
6 May: Orange Empire Bus Club Show, Anaheim, CA
12 May: Inland Valley VW Club Show at Wolfsburg West
14 May:  Store VW bus at WW, Corona, to rest before we continue in the Fall, 2012!!!!

PHASE 3: was planned for April-May 2012 (CA >> back east to Massachusetts)  ON HOLD

We’d like to drive on Route 66 from Santa Monica to Chicago and we’re looking for OTHER VINTAGE VWs and OTHER CLASSIC CARS to join us.Please comment below if you’d like more information or email and put Route 66 in subject line.  We’d love to hear from you :)

25 Responses to MGA Route

  1. Hi! My wife Lisa, daughter Cora, and I live in Norfolk, VA. We have 3 VWs: a 68 Westy, an 86 Westy, and a 66 beetle. The local VW club is VCOT We meet the 1st tuesday of every month.

    • Carole Brown says:

      Great to hear from you. I’ll be sure to join your Facebook group. Will I be able to meet you and your family (your ladies and your VWs), too?

  2. Tom and Cammie Hutchings says:

    You are welcome to stay with us when in Washington DC!

  3. I met Carole at the Prado campground/park in Ontario, CA in 2010….this is the official camp site for Run For The Wall ( POW/MIA Awareness )

    Carole then decided to ride along with us for several days…. then thru FaceBook I’ve followed her adventures!!

    Next month, Carole will be traveling thru my part of the country… so I’m going to round up some other RTFW friends and escort Carole into Louisana!!!


    • Carole Brown says:

      Oh Lisa, that’s so nice of you! An escort, really !!! :)
      You guys changed my way of thinking about all those who serve in the armed services. It will be an honor to meet you again.

  4. Holly Moody says:

    Stop by Walnut Grove, Alabama! The more, the merrier around here!

  5. Kerri says:

    Remember on the way back you MUST take a more northern route so you can come to MICHIGAN!!!!!

  6. Bob says:

    Way to go Carole! This is a great cause. As I mentioned the last time we met and earlier today, I was diagnosed with MG at age 13 about 30 years ago. I consider myself very lucky to have been diagnosed so young. If more were diagnosed as young, I believe more would experience a full remission as I have. Spread the word and hopefully making more people aware will help some get the help needed to go into remission.

    • Fran says:

      Hey Bob my son just got diagnosed in June with Ocular MG he is 5 it took us 2 years to get a diagnosis. I totally agree with you. He was diagnosed with all kinds of other things but no one could tell me why a 3 year old had a droopy eye it just didn’t fit. Now we are learning new things and just trying to navigate it all . Thanks for giving me hope

      • Carole Brown says:

        Thank you Fran for your reply; your comment gives me hope, too – for this road trip to build awareness for MG. I wish your son the best of luck. My mother was diagnosed when she was 20, before I was born. That was way back in 1945 when treatments were not as effective and MG produced much greater weakness and muscle fatigue.
        Nowadays with the internet and social media, I’m hoping we can all work together to raise visibility for MG and talk about what it is really like to live with this little known disease. My hope is that through others knowing the symptoms, we’ll shorten the time to correct diagnosis and treatment. Bob was diagnosed quickly and soon afterwards he had a thymectomy and an amazing result. I hope my efforts will help to spread the word. If you have any suggestions for me to be more effective, perhaps you can comment under the Support page? Thank you.

    • Cindy Beasley says:

      Bob you are one of the few that was dx’d at an early age…I had symptoms at 14 or so…dx’d at 16ish…hope you are doing well…keep in touch! Cindy

  7. Freebird says:

    have room to camp and a spare bedroom

  8. Carole Brown says:

    Thanks to everyone for the offers of a bed for the night or a place to camp or help for my VW. I have emailed you directly or sent you a message on Facebook. I look forward to meeting MG support groups and hearing/sharing MG stories and also to meeting fellow members of the VW family.

  9. If you happen to be swinging through Patagonia, we’d love to meet up! Good luck with your trip!

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  11. Cindy Beasley says:

    YEAH!!! I am “F”…Wilmmywood North Carolina…better known as “Wilmington”!!! YeeHaw! Wilmington has a large movie making business here…Hollywood East is what we are known for…hahaha…growing up here that sounds SO funny! Can’t wait for you to get here…Can’t wait to meet’cha! and..Can’t wait to help you get the word out…thanks so much Carole…on behalf of us with MG…we love you!!! cindyLou Beasley

  12. becky Fleig says:

    Wtg for logging 2333 miles for MG awareness! Yay! Don’t forget to come visit Maine you’ll have a place to lay your head!

  13. Roger (Cowboy) says:

    Camping world RV outlet for your map your looking for.

  14. Hi

    Our club is located in Albuquerque NM, on your way back if you use Route 66 you will pass right through Albuquerque, maybe you could stop for lunch with us.


    • Carole Brown says:

      Definitely would like to meet you. Perhaps we could arrange for a number of us to meet up. Can you send a reply with your phone number or best way of making contact. I’d like to plan ahead as early as possible for the Spring. I love Albuquerque. Met JP last time through in 2010. If any of you guys are going to BBB in January, can we can meet there too?

  15. Pingback: The ‘YesWeCan’ Journey … 2012 we’ll be driving across America again; this time to put MG on the map!
  16. brian says:

    Carole and Fran… I look forward to seeing you both in the fall and we can plan a campout possibly to benefit Jack and your family as well as helping Carole get the word out on MG…! FOOD, MOVIES, MUSIC, TSHIRTS AND FUN!!! GONNA BE BIG, keep a check on my website and Facebook page for details coming soon!

  17. Carole Brown says:

    Hi Brian, YES please!!!!